If you are a special gentleman who would like to bring something extra sweet to our date I have made a list of a few things from small to very generous ;)  I can book any entertainment needed. 


Lifestyle Gifts 

Equinox membership

Language Classes

Spa Membership

Cooking lessons  

Please see my NYC suggestions on where we can attend an activity together or I can receive it as a gift. 


*A donation to my student loans accumulated from my time as a University Student :) You can donate directly. This would be the ultimate gift and its significance trumps any gift mentioned above.*

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Perfect Date Ideas

If you need a little inspiration with ideas for time to spend with me I have written out a few below :) 

Let me cook for you...

I would pick an exclusive location including a kitchen. I would be dressed in beautiful lingerie, a playful colorful set. In anticipation I  will ask before hand what your favorite meal is and prepare it for you with love. While you sit, relax and enjoy a glass of fine wine. After you are nice and full, we will enjoy intimate time together. Whats your favourite dish? I love prawn curry or maybe mussels & chips? I can also do vegetarian and vegan ;)  Yes you are in for  a treat with me for dessert.... 


Spa date

A mean a girl has to try right 😉 But seriously, I have many spas ranging in price range that are a great gift to help me relax. 

Lingerie play date...

Arguably my favorite ;) I could make an appointment at a local luxury lingerie shops. My favourite is currently Agent provocateur :) The flagship store in New York offers private fittings where you can sip Champagne while you watch me try on beautiful pieces. I am a model so I am sure you will enjoy the show.  


I've been skydiving in Australia, sand racing in Dubai and in helicopter rides over the mountains of Hawaii. I really am up for anything! Let's get our endorphins going. Here are a few things I would really love to try!

A gym date

Indoor sky diving

Rock climbing

Laser tag

Helicopter ride

Russian Roulette Sushi date*

We go to my favorite sushi spot and we order for each other. The point is to expand our palettes and try new things.

-ATO | Japanese


Whats your favorite sushi place?

Chelsea Market

Cheeky theatre date ( we sneak in booze... and sneak off something else)

I love the theatre! Having been to many great productions all over the world, I love a man who can expand my mind and introduce me to new arts. See below or here for performances, I'm dying to see here in NYC. Sitting next to me for hours while enjoying a production is electric.


Theatre (off broadway)

MET / MOMA / Whitney exhibitions

Museum of sex

Movie Night...

We order delivery, start a new binge worthy show on Netflix with my white t-shirt and panties... you get the picture ;) My favourite shows are BoJack Horseman, Suits, Game of Thrones, House of Cards, The Get Down and of course the cult worthy Stranger Things. What are your favourite shows? Tell me!

Speakeasy burlesque with Live Jazz and Whisky.. 

I can't tell you where because it wouldn't be much of a speakeasy or then huh 😉 but think table side martinis, smores and killer gin and tonics I LOVE live Jazz and London has many venues to enjoy it. We can go fast or slow. Rowdy or laid back and elegant. Let me take you out and show you a good time :) ps. I will be dancing I hope thats okay.

Ritz Carlton London Afternoon Tea

Ritz Carlton London Afternoon Tea

Locations - Entertainment- LONDON

Afternoon Tea - Corinthia Hotel, Ritz Carlton,  Rosewood Hotel, Sketch 

Sushi -  Zuma, Sushi Samba, Sexy Fish, Sosharu 

Theatre - National Theatre, Royal Oprah, Ballet, Barbican

I am now in New York and I would love for someone to show me around :)